unit conversion calculator

unit conversion calculator

unit conversion calculator

Conversion CalculatorQuick, free, online unit converter that converts common units of measurement, along with 77 other converters covering an assortment of units. The site also includes a predictive tool that suggests possible conversions based on input, allowing for easier navigation while learning more about various unit

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Unit Converter Professional - Free download and software unit conversion calculator

If you need to convert really obscure units, though, or need a conversion tool on a regular basis, try Unit Conversion Professional from Inventive Design. It's a free Flash-based tool that converts unit conversion calculatorUnit Converter Malaysia | Calculator unit conversion calculator.myUnit Converter TYPE Length / Distance Converter Weight Converter Area Converter Volume Converter Temperature Converter Pressure Converter Power Converter Time Converter Data Converter FROM Kilograms (kg) Grams (g) Miligrams (mg) Pounds (lb) Unit Converter - MATHUnit Converter. Here is a handy calculator you can use to do all types of unit conversion. Try the slider! Note: the previous versions are here (Flash), here (Flash), and here (JavaScript).

Unit Converter - Digital Dutch Unit Converter

The Digital Dutch Unit Converter - Online conversion of area, currency, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume and bytes.Unit Converter & Online Calculator for Measurements and unit conversion calculatorThe unit converter is a measurement conversion tool that presents easy unit conversion functionality. Universal Unit Calculator provides converting units for more than 50 different metric measurement categories. The tool is completely free to use and very Easy user-friendly UI allows conversion between the metric system and others.Unit Conversion Calculator - PhysLink unit conversion calculatorOnline calculators for unit conversion. Related Websites. eFunda - Online Reference for Engineers eFunda provides extensive Unit Conversion, Equations, and Material Data of value to engineers.

Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter

UnitConversion.org is the ultimate resource for unit conversion. Use our free online unit converters to easily convert between different units of measurement. Simply select the appropriate unit converter from the lists below. Please spread the word about this completely free resource by linking to us.SI Conversion Calculator - AMA Manual of StyleSI Conversion Calculator Enter the desired value below in the Enter Quantity field and click the button to perform the metric conversion. If you wish to reverse a conversion begin by entering a value in the Conversion Result field and click to obtain the non SI value. Table 1.Pressure conversion calculator - How to convert pressure unitsConverter Other Pressure unit to Pascal Pascal to other unit; 1 Kilopascal [kPa] = 1000 Pascal [Pa] Kilopascal to Pascal: Pascal to Kilopascal: 1 Bar = 100000 Pascal [Pa] Bar to Pascal: Pascal to Bar: 1 Psi [psi] = 6894.7572931783 Pascal [Pa] Psi to Pascal: Pascal to Psi: 1 Ksi [ksi] = 6894757.2931783 Pascal [Pa] Ksi to Pascal: Pascal to Ksi

Online Conversion - Pressure Conversion

Convert between many different pressure equivalents. Information: "-force" is added to distinguish units of force from units of mass.Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to unit conversion calculatorCooking Various cooking volume conversions, including Drop, Dash, Pinch, Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups, etc. Plus other cooking conversions such as butter weight, and gas mark temperatures. Date/Time Several different converters and calculators related to dates and times.Metric Units Conversion CalculatorCalculator Use Convert among units for any base unit of measure such as gram or meter or second or byte, etc. For example, if you want to convert from meters to micrometers you would convert from "base unit

Metric Conversion charts and calculators

Metric conversion charts and calculators for metric conversions Temperature Weight Length Area Volume Speed Time Angle Pressure Energy and Power Health and Wellbeing The metric system originated in France in 1799 following the French Revolution although decimal units had been used in many other countries and cultures previously.Instant Cooking Recipes Units Conversion - Convert-me unit conversion calculatorPlease be sure to pick the substance the converter knows. If you type something it does not know, the field will be marked red and conversion between weight and volume units won't work. 1: Browse through the page and find the unit you want to convert from. Type the value you are converting next to the unit. 2: Click the Convert button.Glucose mg/dL mmol/L Unit Conversion -- EndMemoGlucose Unit Conversion between mg/dL and mmol/L. Note: Fill in one box to get results in the other box by clicking "Calculate" button. Data should be separated

Get Unit Conversion - Microsoft Store

Oct 29, 2012 · Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Unit Conversion.Energy conversion calculator - How to convert energy unitsConverter Other Energy unit to Joule Joule to other unit; 1 Kilojoule [kJ] = 1000 Joule [J] Kilojoule to Joule: Joule to Kilojoule: 1 Kilowatt-hour [kW*h] = 3600000 Joule [J] Kilowatt-hour to Joule: Joule to Kilowatt-hour: 1 Watt-hour [W*h] = 3600 Joule [J] Watt-hour to Joule: Joule to Watt-hour: 1 Calorie (nutritional) = 4186.7999999999 Joule [J]Density ConverterFree online density converter - converts between 42 units of density, including kilogram/cubic meter, gram/cubic centimeter, kilogram/cubic centimeter, gram/cubic meter [g/m^3], etc. Also, explore many other unit converters or learn more about density unit conversions.

Convert for Windows joshmadison unit conversion calculator

Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy, and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! Download Convert v4.10 (it's free!).zip 153 KBConvert Units - Measurement Unit ConverterConvertUnits unit conversion calculator provides an online conversion calculator for all types of measurement units. You can find metric conversion tables for SI units, as well as English units, currency, and other data. Type in unit symbols, abbreviations, or full names for units of length, area, mass, pressure, and other types.Conversion Calculators - Calculator Soup - Online CalculatorsUnit Conversions. Acceleration. Angular Units. Area. Bits & Bytes. Computer Storage. Cooking. Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds. Density. Distance. Energy (Work) Force. Height. Height ft & in to cm. Height cm to in & ft. Length. Meters to Feet (m to ft and in) Metric Units. Minutes to Hours and Minutes. Power and Heat Flow. Pressure unit conversion calculator

Conversion Calculator

Quick, free, online unit converter that converts common units of measurement, along with 77 other converters covering an assortment of units. The site also includes a predictive tool that suggests possible conversions based on input, allowing for easier navigation while learning more about various unit Conversion Calculator - Metric Units Measurement ConverterAbout Unit Conversion Calculator: The conversion calculator is a smart tool that helps to perform measurement conversions between the different units of measurements within different measure systems. This unit measurement calculator provides you with a basic understanding of the systems that currently in use throughout the world.Conversion Calculator - Metric Conversion charts and unit conversion calculatorConversion Calculator. Use the search box to find your required metric converter

Capacitance Unit Converter - Measurement conversion A-I

We use rounding at unit-conversion.info. This means that some results will be rounded to avoid the numbers getting too long. While often rounding works up to a specific decimal place, weve decided that limiting the length of the result to 13 digits would be more favorable to keep the results consistent.41 Best Free Unit Converter Software For WindowsConversion Calculator; Conversion Tables; SI units; Conversion Widget; Pressure Conversion Pressure - Conversion. Pressure (the symbol: p) is the ratio of force to the area over which that force is distributed, and it is the amount of force acting per unit area. The SI unit

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